Hikari UltraFocus Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED Bulbs

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 LED Bulbs

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED bulbs are ideal for cars and trucks that require improved visibility and nighttime driving capability.

Hikari Prime ZES Specifications

  • Luminous flux: 18,000 LM
  • Color temperature: 6,000 K
  • Fit Type: Universal
  • Wattage ‎32 watts
  • CANBUS Built-in
  • Plug and Play: Yes
  • Plinth type: HB5 (9007)
  • Bulb Type: ‎LED
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • 360 degree adjustable lock rings

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) Bulbs

Hikari UltraFocus Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED Bulbs use far less power than standard bulbs, but give you more light, so you can see without giving up safety. Our patented Prime ZES LED chips are packaged in a single optic that creates a more concentrated hot spot than other LEDs. The result is better visibility and greater range for better nighttime driving.

Hikari Prime ZES LED Bulb

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED Bulbs Description

ZES is known for producing LED chips of the highest performance, and the Hikari UltraFocus Upgrade HB5 (9007) replacement halogen lamps are no exception. The Hikari UltraFocus HB5 (9007) LED lamps to have a perfect directional pattern, which means they offer excellent visibility and a color temperature of 6000K, which provides a feeling of exceptional clarity. This sets the Hikari Ultra HB5 (9007) LED bulbs apart from other brands!

These are the best LED headlight bulbs in the world. Introducing the HIKARI Ultra, the new generation of the ZES Extreme Bright series bulbs! This powerful new design provides an amazing 500% more brightness than standard bulbs while maintaining an ultra-low power consumption of fewer than 32 watts.

HIKARI Ultra LED bulbs use the latest ZES LED technology, producing an ultra-bright beam with a beam pattern designed to provide a sharp cut-off line and concentrate light where it’s needed. without blinding oncoming traffic. Using the latest ZES LED technology, our 32W ultra-bright LED bulbs will give you a more useful light output and longer life than standard halogen bulbs. Also great for trucks or SUVs!

Light up your life. Hikari has once again raised expectations for automotive lighting with the introduction of our new high wattage LED bulbs with a 50,000-hour lifespan. These new LED bulbs weigh less than traditional halogen bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. They are covered by HIKARI’s 2-year warranty, come with free installation instructions, and are DOT and ECE certified.

These lamps have built-in CANBUS and can work perfectly on 99% of vehicles. Some vehicles may require an additional error compensator or resistors. Contact HIKARI and we will send it to you free of charge.

Hikari Prime ZES LED Bulbs

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED Bulbs

Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED Bulbs

Hikari 20,000LM High Performance Prime ZES LED HB5 (9007)

HIKARI LED HB5 (9007) bulbs are the perfect upgrade for cars or trucks needing improved visibility and nighttime driving. Experience better visibility with our Prime ZES LED bulb!

  • Ultra focused light output – HIKARI Ultra Prime ZES LED
  • Wider beam, better vision at the wheel – HIKARI XHP50.2 LED
  • High performance LED HIKARI Thunder LED
  • Extremely bright performance with high lumens – HIKARI 2021, the new generation of Acem-X LED

Enjoy using the latest LED technology with HIKARI.

The use of LED technology in automotive bulbs is developing rapidly and is constantly being updated. HIKARI is committed to providing our customers with the latest LED technology for automotive lighting.

HIKARI supports customers who have owned HIKARI bulbs for more than one year to upgrade to the latest HIKARI LED bulbs (contact HIKARI care+ for specific discounts).

Hikari UltraFocus Prime ZES HB5 (9007) Technical Characteristics

Brightness 18 000 LM
Light Source Prime ZES LED
Driving Visibility X
Beam DIY
Beam Pattern Focused beam
Power 32W Prime ZES LED Equivalent to 120W Ordinary LEDHow do I choose the right bulb size?

Study your owner’s manual, the part number on your original bulbs, or search online for “find the car lamps for my car”.

Select your car model in the filter system on the product details page to check again for a match.

Hikari Wider Vision Prime ZES HB5 (9007) Reviews

Car owners who have bought Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) LED lamps to note that these headlights are very bright, they are much brighter than conventional halogen lamps, have a pleasant white color, as close as possible to pure white light, the light does not seem blue as in some other LED headlights, it seems to be pure white.

The Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) lamps distribute the light very well in different reflector housings, they can be adjusted so that the LED chips are perfectly horizontal so that they shine efficiently without blinding other drivers. The Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) bulbs fit perfectly, making them easy to install and adjust.

Car owners who have already bought and are using Hikari Prime ZES HB5 (9007) lamps note that the lamps have a long service life, which fully justifies the money spent on them.

Hikari Prime ZES 18000 lm

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