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Hikari LED lamps are the brightest and most reliable lamps on the market. They are ideal for cars and trucks that need improved visibility and night driving capability. Hikari lamps have a high luminous flux and color temperature, Hikari lamps have a pleasant white cool color and a long life. This makes Hikari Lamps the best choice in the LED light bulb market.

Hikari Acme-X LED Bulbs

Hikari Acme-X H7 LED Bulbs
The Hikari HyperStar series lamps are Acme-X high-performance LEDs with a luminous flux of 20,000 lm. The Hikari HyperStar Acme-X LED lamps are the most advanced replacement LED lamps ever created! Our patented technology provides the brightest, most accurate beam pattern and best color match to your vehicle. This means better visibility to make your driving safer.
Hikari 20000 lm

Hikari Prime ZES LED Bulbs

Hikari Prime ZES H7 LED Bulbs
The Hikari UltraFocus Series are Prime ZES high performance LED lamps with a light output of 18,000 lm. UltraFocus Prime ZES LED bulbs are the best LED headlight bulbs in the world. Introducing HIKARI Ultra, the new generation of ZES Extreme Bright bulbs! This powerful new design provides an amazing 500% more brightness than standard bulbs, while maintaining an ultra-low power consumption of less than 32 watts.
Hikari Prime ZES 18000 lm

Hikari VisionPlus LED Bulbs

Hikari VisionPlus H7 LED Bulbs
Hikari VisionPlus series bulbs are high performance XHP50.2 LEDs with a luminous flux of 15,000 lm. Hikari VisionPlus XHP50.2 LED Bulbs provide better visibility and more uniform lighting between vehicle sections, making them ideal for nighttime driving conditions. These high quality LEDs provide crystal clear night driving and exceptional light levels even in low light conditions.
Hikari 15000 lm

Hikari Thunder LED Bulbs

Hikari Thunder LED H7 Bulbs
Hikari Thunder Series lamps are high-performance LEDs with a light output of 12,000 lm. Hikari Thunder LED bulbs are designed for performance-oriented drivers. It provides superior light output using the latest LED chips that allow these lamps to produce over 12,000 lumens of pure, high-quality light! HIKARI LEDs also feature an advanced error-free cooling system to prevent overheating and constant current technology to burn without destroying the filament. We designed these bulbs based on a large number of commercially available reflective light models in a headlight assembly, with a crystal-clear beam that makes you safer on the road at night. No complicated wiring or drilling. Just plug them in and enjoy clear visibility ahead!
Hikari Thunder 12000 lm

Hikari LED Bar

Hikari Round Lights 2PCS with Wiring Harness
Hikari LED Light Bar
Hikari Round LED Bar
Hikari Square Lights 2PCS with Wiring Harness
Hikari LED Light Bar
Hikari Square LED Bar

Hikari LED Light Bar

The Hikari LED light bar is an important vehicle safety feature when driving at night, especially off-road. Hikari LED light bars are very useful during the daytime in winter when the climate is foggy (or) areas with poor visibility. It allows you to increase the visibility of the road and prevent from any road hazards. Hikari LED light bars are very bright: 15,000 lm and 16,000 lm, very durable, easy to install, and maintenance-free.
Best Hikari Led Light Bar

Hikari LED Lights

Hikari LED bulbs for cars are very high-quality headlamps, which have received a lot of positive feedback from vehicle owners. Hikari LED bulbs have a natural cool white light, high luminous flux, long life, and are very easy to install. Hikari LED bulbs work by using a semiconductor crystal that emits light when voltage is applied, unlike incandescent bulbs, where the light is emitted by a glowing tungsten filament. High-quality LED bulbs Hikari consists of two parts: the LED (group of semiconductors) and the electronic circuit (driver), which serves to limit current and allows you to power the emitting conductors in a stable mode. During operation, LEDs usually emit less energy in the infrared range, but the LEDs themselves are very hot. High temperatures can lead to the destruction of the crystals, so the LED bulbs use passive and active cooling methods.

Hikari LED bulbs Benefits

Unlike competitors, Hikari uses only premium LED chips to ensure the highest quality products. The result is an unparalleled level of brightness and color rendering of the bulbs, as well as a lifetime that is up to 5 times longer than conventional bulbs. The use of LED technology in automotive bulbs is developing very rapidly and is constantly being updated. Hikari is committed to providing customers with the latest LED technology for automotive lighting. Hikari's patented technology provides the brightest and most accurate beam pattern and the best color match for the vehicle. This means better visibility to make your driving safer Hikari car LED bulbs to provide light four times brighter than standard halogen bulbs. Hikari LED bulbs provide better visibility both to the front and rear of the car at night. This means that you get increased safety on the road. Hikari LED lamps to have a very clear color scheme that puts your safety first. The modern cool xenon white light will add style to your vehicle and also better illuminate the path ahead of you. Hikari LED chips to provide a wider view of oncoming traffic. Hikari bulbs are designed to draw attention to your vehicle and create a new exciting experience on the road. Hikari car bulbs in bright white are designed to illuminate road corners, illuminating every part of your driveway to create a comfortable and unforgettable ride. Hikari Ultra Series

New Technology Hikari LED Bulbs

New technology HIKARI light bulbs deliver 5 times the surface of bright white light. The 12x superior luminous flux efficiency and 1:1 luminous distance ratio create a certain barrier to vision, which reduces eye fatigue while driving.

Hikari LED Bulb Improved Cooling System

The new improved cooling system makes it possible to increase the lifetime of the Hikari lamps, at the same time ensuring that the Hikari vehicle lamp always performs at its best and retains its brightness over its lifetime. The service life of the Hikari LED bulb is about 50,000 hours, which is 10 times higher than the industry standard. A special patented cooling system makes Hikari LED bulbs the best option in LED vehicle lighting today.

Hikari's universal halogen bulb design

Hikari has developed a design that exactly matches the base of your standard bulb, so you can fit it in the headlight of your car without any problem. Hikari ensures that our bulbs are compatible with 99% of all modern cars and are Truly 1:1 OEM designed. Thanks to CANBUS Built-in and Plug and play, the bulbs are easy to plug in and are ready to use in your car in just a few minutes.